Hello, I'm Abel Smith & I'm the SalesMentalist.

Over the last 26 years I was very fortunate to gain extensive experience in top positions with Global Companies in SA & UK. During my career I developed over 100's Sales People, training them how to become confident in the art of sales and to achieve their full potential. The Key to my coaching success is providing tangible Sales Tools by creating the following Sales Techniques;

HOOK CALLING is a simplistic Cold Calling technique to confirm Quality Appointments
TRUST SELLING is a proven Client Meeting technique to facilitate Successful Meetings
SALES PROCESS is a structured 7 Step Sales Process to Win and Retain business

Why become a SalesMentalist?

The majority of sales training companies provide expensive sales training courses that leaves you motivated until you get back to the office not being able to put the content of the Sales Course into practice. A Sales Course does not teach the fine art of making quality Cold Calls with confidence. One or two day Sales Courses also do not provide Sales People tangible tools to facilitate structured Client Meetings and mastering a simplistic Sales Process to win the business!

What differentiate the proven concept of the SalesMentalist to other Sales Trainers:

  • One on One Tailor-made SALES DEVELOPMENT - No valueless Sales Courses!
  • Individual SWOT ANALYSIS to analyse Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats!
  • Providing and teaching Tangible Sales Tools to be a confident SalesMentalist: Cold Calling HOOK Technique, TRUST Sales Technique and 7 Step Sales Process

How to become a SalesMentalist

A sales person can only reach or exceed true sales aspiration by understanding their prospective client’s conscious and subconscious needs. Develop the ability to holistically analyse someone’s level of emotional sales behaviour to satisfy their buying needs.

T.R.U.S.T Selling

The following Sales Technique is simplistic but effective Tool to guide a novice and an experienced Sales Person to greatness.

  • T
    Tactful Fact - Finding

    It is imperative to focus on fact-finding that can be used to make sense of the buyer’s current situation regarding their buying process.

  • R
    Raise Challenges

    Ask further quality questions to RAISE the client’s challenges with their current supplier’s service or tangible product offered.

  • U
    Unravel Challenges

    The next step is to UNRAVEL their current challenges that have been identified. By asking how the relevant challenges affect their productivity or business in a negative way, or personally.

  • S
    Solutions Provided

    Now you recap the main challenges and discuss how you will satisfy all their needs by offering your tailor-made SOLUTIONS!

  • T
    Trust Building

    It is vital that the prospective client feels a positive emotional attachment with you after identifying their challenges and satisfying all their relevant needs.