T.R.U.S.T Selling

Trust Selling is a proven Client Meeting technique to facilitate Successful Meetings.

Tactful Fact - Finding

It is imperative to focus on fact-finding that can be used to make sense of the buyer’s current situation regarding their buying process. This is the trust building phase and crucial to be very mindful of the emotional connection with the prospective client’s attachment to the relevant supplier/product.

Being TACTFUL during fact-finding is vital and taking control of the meeting from the start before the prospect starts asking you questions.


If you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions to understand your needs then offer you Tailor-made solutions;

*What is your buying process; do you buy online or through a supplier?

*How many of this relevant products/service do you need annually?

*What is your annual spend on the relevant product/ service received?

Raise Challenges

Ask further quality questions to RAISE the client’s challenges with their current supplier’s service or tangible product offered.

Sometimes they only realise they have challenges after being asked questions that nobody else have in the past.

A trap here is to dive straight into presenting the benefits of what you are selling.


What are your current challenges? Are you satisfied with the service (turn-around time & variation of options) and pricing you receive with your current supplier?

What is on your wish-list: what are you currently happy with and what are you not receiving at the moment?

This is the critical part to ensure the client opens up because you show them that you really what to make their lives easier!

Unravel Challenges

The next step is to UNRAVEL their current challenges that have been identified. By asking how the relevant challenges affect their productivity or business in a negative way, or personally. By asking these questions; you lead the prospect to have an emotional realisation that their current situation does NOT satisfy their needs anymore. This technique will naturally drive them towards your service or product.


Turn-around time: you mentioned it takes up to 24 hours to receive a turnaround time. How is the delay affecting your business, and productivity?

Options: You only receive one option after you request to receive more. How is that frustrating you or wasting time to keep going back to your current supplier.

Price: Do you feel you get value for money if you go on-line and find cheaper pricing?

Solutions Provided

Now you recap the main challenges and discuss how you will satisfy all their needs by offering your tailormade SOLUTIONS! The ‘close’ that is normally the big nightmare becomes the dream and salvation coming true!


Turn-around time: currently you receive a 24 hour turn-around time. We however will ensure our turnaround time won’t exceed more than 3 hours. Variation of options: you only received one option, we will guarantee at least 3 options or from 3 different suppliers and we will adhere to that.

*A further sign of commitment is to create a SLA with the client’s minimum expectations. If we don’t adhere to the minimum standards then we will take responsibility and don’t charge for the service provided

Price: We will guarantee to offer consistent competitive pricing for you to feel that you receive that personal service with the caring factor and value!

Trust Building

It is vital that the prospective client feels a positive emotional attachment with you after identifying their challenges and satisfying all their relevant needs.

How do you achieve the client to TRUST you? The secret is to tell prospect following your solutions offering that you are not a typical sales person that didn’t waste their time selling a product/service to them before understanding their personal needs.

You honestly care, hence asking quality questions to unravel their relevant needs first then offered tailor-made solutions. Don’t be scared to plant the seed and tell them that you will ensure that your company will adhere to their company’s service policy and even create a Service Level Agreement to ensure we are consistent in our service offering.

Make it clear that they can TRUST you during the buying process, but especially during the implementation process and follow up service. Because we fully understand their personal needs!