Integrated Services

Integrated Services for Corporate Companies and Small-Medium Enterprises:

Business and Management Consulting to Develop or enhance a Sales Department following Systems and Procedures to increase New Business and Retain Current Business;

Brand identity

Analyse the Brand identity and assess the current situation in the market place.

Daily Goals

Introduce a Daily Goal System to achieve goals & targets.

Lead Sourcing

Focusing on the correct Target Market.

Lead Spreadsheet

Design and update an ingenious Lead Spreadsheet daily

Cold Calling

Teaching and mastering B2B Cold Calling Techniques – one on one and in a group format.

Corporate Email Templates

Designing of Corporate Email Templates targeting from SME’s to Blue Chip companies.

First Client Meetings

Incorporate the TRUST SALES Technique through meeting Role Plays.

Sales Process

Teach my 7 Step Sales Process to win new Business.

Sales Collateral

Design a hard Copy of Services to leave with potential clients.

Key Account System

Create a Key Account System to retain business long term.

Staff identity

Identify good-points and room for improvements (never weaknesses) to define roles.

Set KPI’s

Discuss and create set KPI’s regarding new Business.