Hook Calling

Confidence is the key to facilitating a quality Cold or Warm Telephone call to a Prospective Client. Confidence can only be achieved after mastering the following simplistic but effective Cold Calling Technique:


  • The key is to follow a calling structure to sound professional with confidence, but the call must not sound like a scripted Telesales Call.
  • The most important factor to a successful Sales Call is to ask open ended questions.
  • Get past the Gate-keeper and through to the Influencer or Decision Maker a.s.a.p.
  • Proper introduction is vital to ensure the Prospective Client is speaking to a competent Sales Specialist
  • Smile while you dial and have fun as the Likeable Factor is important!

To increase your success rate with Cold Calling is to stop calling it ‘Cold Calling’ and all the negative connotations that comes with the phrase!


Change your mind-set towards calling Prospective Clients; while dialling think of making a courtesy call instead of a cold call to gather information from a prospective client by asking quality questions, then offering Tailor-made Solutions with more added value services.


    A) Gatekeeper: Ensure to get past the Gatekeeper/Receptionist as soon as possible with providing the least information:

    • Good day, please put me through to the HR Manager, Sales Manager, IT Manager or the relevant person in charge of buying or booking process…(important to ask open ended questions: Don’t ask if they use a relevant service or product that you offer. That is a close ended question).

    B) Influencer or Decision Maker: Proper Introduction is vital to clarify that you are not just a telesales person – I am Abel Smith the Business development Manager of my company that specialises in…and this is just a courtesy call.

  1. Tactful Fact Finding:
    • What is your buying process; do you buy online or through a supplier?
    • How many of this relevant products/service do you need annually?
    • What is your annual spend on the relevant product/ service received?
    1. HOOK ONE

      Now that you have an idea what the Buying process is it is important to assess immediately if the call is worth your while to pursue.

      It important that you have to say something to HOOK the Prospect to feel they want to listen to you further. When you know your competitors you will know immediately what are their strong points and weaknesses in the market place.

      • We offer a similar service than your current suppliers but with more added value services with more value for money.
      • I can guarantee service excellence with that absolute personal touch that is why I will be part of the whole sales process from the start
  2. Raise Challenges:

    The Next step is to assess if the Prospect is happy with their current supplier or if booking/buying online is working for them:

    • What are your current challenges: Are you satisfied with the service; Turn-around time & Variation of options and Pricing you receive with your current supplier?
    • What is on your wish-list: what are you currently happy with and what are you not receiving at the moment?
    • The critical part is to ensure that the client opens up because you show them that you really want to make their lives easier!
    1. HOOK TWO:

      Feed off the Raised Challenges and sell with confidence that you can offer solutions to solve their challenges with their current supplier or situation.

  3. Unravel the Challenges:

    This step depends is important to point out how the Raised Challenges are affecting their business:

    • Turn-around time: you mentioned it takes up to 24 hours to receive a turnaround time. How is the delay affecting your business, and productivity?
    • Options: You only receive one option after you request to receive more. How is that frustrating you or wasting time to keep going back to your current supplier.
    • Price: Do you feel you get value for money if you go online and find cheaper pricing?
  4. Provide Solutions:

    Now you recap the main challenges and discuss how you will satisfy all their needs by offering your tailor-made SOLUTIONS! The ‘close’ that is normally the big nightmare becomes the dream and salvation coming true!

    • Turn-around time: Currently you receive a 24 hour turn-around time. We however will ensure our turnaround time won’t exceed more than 3 hours.
    • Variation of options: You only received one option, we will guarantee at least 3 options or from 3 different suppliers and we will adhere to that.
    • Price: We will guarantee to offer consistent competitive pricing for you to feel that you receive that personal service with the caring factor and value!